Sunday Morning Reads 3/28/21

So we’ve made it through another week, and it seems that things are getting better. Georgia surprised me this past week by abruptly opening up COVID vaccinations to everyone 16 and up, hopefully more states will do so in the next few weeks. And boy do people seem ready -- my Twitter timeline is full of pictures from across the country of outdoor areas full of people eating, drinking, and socializing. 

Now if we could just find a vaccine for pollen allergies...

Until then, on to the reading!

In the wake of the latest nonsensical Congressional tech hearing, Jeffery Westling asks an important question -- what are social media platforms supposed to do when it’s elected officials spreading disinformation?

Ben Thompson takes on the Substack Pro controversy and the idea of sovereign writers, touching on many of the points I made in my post where I discuss what all of this means for writers

I’ve been wanting to write about the Atlanta massage parlor shootings and the narrative that has been built around it as it relates to race (and may well still do so), but in the meantime read Elizabeth Nolan Brown on the dangers of assuming all Asian massage parlors are fronts for sex work

Always read Nancy Rommelmann on the topic of Portland, especially this piece chronicling the rise and fall of the city

In honor of Women’s History Month, Virginia Postrel chronicles how technological advancements and automation have helped women immensely in every aspect of life

Here’s to hoping for continued good news in the upcoming week!

Take care, and until next time