Sunday Morning Reads 2/28/21


Every time I think I’ve got my schedule under control something changes...this is my way of apologizing that I did not get two posts out to you this week as planned. On that front, a heads up - I likely will not get two posts up next week either because March 2nd is my 40th birthday! I can’t believe I’ll be 40 as of next week but don’t worry, I don’t plan on growing up any time soon; if everything goes according to plan I’ll be spending a part of my birthday petting goats while on psilocybin. Because, clearly, I’m an adult. 

Anywho, maybe more on that later, but let’s get into some interesting pieces from the past week.

Jeffery Sachs writes on the growing trend of conservatives willing to use the power of the state to squash “woke” concepts from being promoted on college campuses and beyond. 

While I don’t totally agree with everything in it, Scott Alexander Siskind wrote a Substack post outlining how Republicans could harness their newfound populist streak into a coherent political message 

Remember the old Tumblr blog Your Fave Is Problematic? The formerly anonymous woman who ran it wrote an op-ed for the New York Times explaining why she started the blog and why she feels bad about it in hindsight.

Tired of the constant doom and gloom reporting around COVID? Scott Lincicome gives a great rundown of why most of that reporting is bunk, things are indeed looking up, and it’s time Make Optimism Great Again. And of course there are charts, because what is a Lincicome post without charts?

Matt Yglesias pushes back against the idea that all racial disparities are the result of racism, pointing out that by flattening debate in the fashion progressives miss a chance to find the real cause of certain racial disparities (like COVID vaccination rates). 

I will see you again at some point next week, until then take care and enjoy your Sunday!