Monday Morning Reads 4/12/21

Welcome to Monday Morning Reads! I want to try moving this feature to Monday since I know most of you are offline on the weekends, but if you want me to move it back to Sunday let me know!

I’m happy to report that Jab #1 went amazingly well -- I got my first Pfizer vaccine shot on Thursday and had zero negative side effects aside from a bit of arm soreness. I did have to drive 30 miles each way to get it but my location (Delta Flight Museum if you were curious) is a drive-through site and even with the 15 minute observation time I was out of there in 20 minutes. Super efficient, well-run setup, worth the drive if you’re in Atlanta. If you are a Georgia resident and want to set an appointment time to get vaccinated at one of the mass vaccination sites, you can start the process here

My appointment for Jab #2 isn’t until May 6th but of course, I’ll let you guys know how that one goes too -- it seems like Jab #2 is the ass-kicker but I’ve seen people on social media reporting that they had no issues with either round of vaccination so we’ll see how it goes. 

Now on to the reading!

For Arc Digital, who announced this past week that they are making the move from Medium to Substack, Michale Carlson wrote about the conflict that arose in Charleston during the 1961 centennial commemoration of the Civil War the broader issue of segregation that still existed 100 years after the end of the Civil War

Also for Arc Digital (what can I say, they host good stuff) Nicholas Grossman tackles the new Georgia voting laws, touching on a few of the same issues I discussed in my piece while also going deeper into the changes that affect what happens after Election Day

Yascha Monk, writing for The Atlantic, discusses what COVID related restrictions do and do not make sense in April 2021

On, John Glaser and Alex Nowrasteh argue that not only does the US need to pull troops out of Afghanistan once and for all, but also allow Afghani refugees and immigrants to come here as well 

In a move that seems almost verboten in the current culture war narrative surrounding Glenn Greenwald, Jacobin gives Greenwald his flowers for breaking the da Silva story in Brazil

I hope this week is a good one for you, that you finally get your vaccine appointment if you want one, and that Bitcoin keeps climbing

Take care, and until next time